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Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): National Mall and Memorial Parks

Pokemon Go is becoming the hottest augmented reality game on the market and while users are reporting some strange Pokemon hotbeds, the new game is causing some angst among National Park Service officials.

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With reports of users looking for Pokemon such as Bulbasaur, Pikachu, or Charmander in places like the 911 Memorial and Vietnam Veterans Memorial, national park officials are asking that users playing the game keep in mind that memorials are places for reflection and appreciation– not just the whereabouts of Jigglypuff.

“Yes, it might be tempting to go after that Snorlax near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, or the Venusaur hanging out in the chamber of the Jefferson Memorial, but remember that there are places of solemn reflection here at the National Mall where playing Pokemon just isn’t appropriate.”National Mall And Memorial Parks Facebook Post

That said, park rangers are encouraging players to discover and learn about other monuments in the national mall while playing the game. According to a Facebook post authored by the National Mall and Memorial Parks, park rangers are even helping lead Pokemon hunts while educating players on the history and significance of the surrounding monuments on the mall.

Park rangers are also warning individuals to not walk into the Old Faithful Geyser @Yellowstone just because Charmander is in there somewhere…

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