Lone Backcountry Skier Rescued Near Buttermilk

Lone Backcountry Skier Rescued Near Buttermilk


Lone Backcountry Skier Rescued Near Buttermilk


The sun is going down, you’re stuck, and something is wrong with your gear. For many skiers venturing into the backcountry, such situations are always a possibility. For that reason, it’s always smart to travel with a partner, avalanche equipment, first aid equipment, and the tools to make an impromptu repair if needed (see: Duct Tape).

On Monday evening, a woman skied out of the Buttermilk Resort boundary en route to the Sugar Bowl when the following situation occurred. According to the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, Her gear failed and she was left “cold, weak, tired, and unable to move.” At that point, she used her cellphone to call for help at roughly 5 pm.

Exactly what happened to her gear is unknown.

Rescue personnel reached the scene via the western backcountry access gate @Buttermilk and subsequently found the skier. They gave her food and water before transporting back to the ski area, where an ambulance waited for their arrival. Once she arrived, paramedics administered treatment and she is recovering from the ordeal.

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A police statement cautioned people as to the dangers of backcountry skiing alone saying, “people should be prepared and not travel alone in the backcountry,” adding, “darkness descends quickly in the winter and temperatures drop rapidly when the daylight ends.”

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