Backcountry Basics Pt. 1: 'Get The Gear'

Backcountry Basics Pt. 1: 'Get The Gear'


Backcountry Basics Pt. 1: 'Get The Gear'


Courtesy of BCA, Colter Hinchliffe takes you through the first step towards making moves in the backcountry.

The only thing I saw that was controversial in the video was the fact that an airbag was included in the essential gear list along with a shovel, beacon, and probe.

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With all the new technology, is an Airbag Packan essential item in the backcountry today?

Get the goods without getting buried! BCA guide ambassador Lel Tone and BCA/TGR athlete Colter Hinchliffe talk about the essential avalanche safety and backcountry equipment every skier, snowboarder and snowmobiler should bring into the backcountry. Essential: avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, avalanche airbag, and knowledgeable partner! Also important: two way radios, navigation kit, terrain photos, map and/or gps, smartphone, first aid, portable shelter and evac gear. Filmed with support from AIARE and The Avalanche Project.

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