Subaru Freeride Series Stop #1 Crested Butte, CO | Day 1 Results

Subaru Freeride Series Stop #1 Crested Butte, CO | Day 1 Results


Subaru Freeride Series Stop #1 Crested Butte, CO | Day 1 Results



Photo. M. Epstein Skier Randy Evans

Day One of the Subaru Freeride Series 4-star FWQ event started off with a bang today in the Staircase Area at Mt. Crested Butte in colorful Colorado.  Female skiers dropped into the venue first and former Crested Butte local Pip Hunt won the day with a score of 70.00. Hunt skied down the gut of Body Bag with fluidity and control showing that she is a veteran of freeride competitions. Aspen skier Katrina Devore skied her way into 2nd place with a score of 69.33. Devore showed exceptional balance in her long challenging straight line out of Dead End Chutes. Maybe it was the yoga class she had taught at 7:00am the same morning. In third was Crested Butte local Sydney Dickinson who also skied the Body Bag zone. When asked how she plans to prepare for tomorrow Dickinson stated “I already when home and took a bath.” She also added “I am stoked to ski tomorrow with all that pow!”  Tomorrows venue the Big Hour Glass Chute is a permanently closed area that has not been skied in several years by anyone.


Photo: Eben Wight Skier: Kaytlin Hughes



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Female snowboarders were next up and Tess Carney finished atop the pile with a score of 74.00. Carney rode the main section of Dead-End Chutes and had an impressive line doubling through the Cheeseburger Cliff. Right behind her in 2nd place is Kirkwood rider and former FWT athlete Casey Lucas. Lucas earned a Sickbird nomination for her high speed exit on Dead End. It is clear that she wants to get back to the FWT and has been training hard to get there. In 3rd place currently is another Crested Butte local Mary Boddington.

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Photo: M. Epstein -MSI Skier: William Dujardin

The mens skiing category was comprised of 45 top skiers from all over North America. Fantastic skiing was on display throughout the entire field; however, many competitors had trouble landing their airs in the final part of the run. Crested Butte native and current Bozeman, MT resident Randy Evans found himself in 1st place after a spectacular high speed run down the main section of Dead End. Evans finished out his run with a very aggressive and impressive 35 foot back flip off the Cheeseburger Cliff. (See Photo Above) When asked if he was pumped to be leading after Day 1 Evans stated loudly “Yeah, I’m pumped!” In 2nd place is Kyle Taylor also of Bozeman, MT. Taylor sits just one point behind with a strong score of 86.77.  In third place is Matt Evans of Crested Butte, Randy’s younger brother.  The younger Evans is in his first adult event after graduation from the Junior Freesride Tour this season. He showed he is ready to play on the bigger stage by sending and stomping one of the largest airs of the day.

In another interesting family twist skier Rob Dickinson, also of CB, finished the day in 9th place. He is the husband of current 3rd place female skier Sydney Dickinson. Clearly skiing hard runs in the family in Crested Butte. Skiing the venue with no inspection run proved to be a difficult task for many athletes today.  When asked how he prepared for a venue he had never skied Andrew Rumph who finished the day in 4th place stated “Visualization was key today.”

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 6.20.56 PM Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 6.21.05 PM

The mens snowboard division ran last with stiff competition and quality runs coming from the first rider to the last. Canada’s Jonathan Penfield rode the main section of Dead-End Chutes and capped off his run with a sizable bottom air to straight line scoring a total of 84.67 points. He is followed closely by Kirkwood rider Abe Greenspan who scored 83.67 points by cranking powerful turns and firing the bottom of his run cleanly. In third is veteran Squaw Valley rider Christopher Galvin who once again pieced together a creative and exciting run.

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 7.08.36 PM

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Photo: Eben Wight -MSI Rider: Unknown



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