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Rossignol Squad 7 | Unofficial Gear Review

the new super 7 getting it done in Japan

Rossignol Squad 7 | Unofficial Gear Review


Rossignol Squad 7 | Unofficial Gear Review


rossignol squad 7

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Over the past few years Rossignol has been turning out some experimental skis, from the incredibly popular S7, to the RC112, a favorite of big mountain skiers but abandoned after a few years of production.  The Squad 7 is the newest addition to the creative lineup, combining features of the late RC112 and the S7 to create a big mountain mashing machine.


  • Lengths offered: 190
  • Camber Profile: Rockered Tip, camber underfoot, flat tail
  • Construction: Sandwich
  • Sidecut: 145-120-126
  • Turn Radius: 29.5m
  • Core: Wood

Area of Expertise:

  • Soft Snow, hard snow, or no snow – just go big

Life Span:

  • 150-200 days on snow

With the Squad 7, Rossignol tried to take the best features of the S7 with a tapered tip and tail, camber underfoot, and a playful shovel; and combine it with some of the standout features of the RC112 (a ski from a few years back that was stiff, big, and loved to go fast): the tail is flat, it’s stiff underfoot, and doesn’t have as much rocker in the tip.  One of the slight issues, or perhaps greatest attributes of the the Squad 7 is that it is a combination of these two characteristically different skis – taking a slarvy playful S7 and combining it with a stiff and burly RC112.  The result is a ski that lies somewhere in the middle, not overly stiff (and actually somewhat soft in the tail), but also not a noodle on firmer snow.  It is a big mountain ski for those with a more playful and free flowing style.

the new super 7 getting it done in Japan

With a 120mm girth, you don’t need to worry about keeping your tips up, the Squad 7 will take care of all your floatation needs. The Squad 7 is certainly most at home in the pow, especially with the tapered tip and tail.  This allows the ski to remain quick and easy to turn, but it floats on top of the lightest of snow with the greatest of ease.  And with a softer tail, its easier to butter and slarve those turns.

The ski is not the most stable at high speed, but it certainly performs better than the S7.  If the snow is powder or post-storm chalk the Squad 7 will be your best friend carving smaller radius turns or ripping huge GS turns and straight lining out of your favorite chute.  The ski is built with a sandwich sidewall which increases integrity of the ski and ensures that it will last you for seasons to come (if you treat ’em well).  And if “tools not jewls” is more your mantra, the Squad 7 is more than ready for a season of abuse.

The Squad 7 is the latest addition to the Rossignol big mountain lineup, and if you want a ski that can hold its own across all fields don’t pass it up.  The Squad 7 is a combination of the best Rossignol has produced in the past 5 years, wrapped up into one solid package.

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