This past Wednesday Scotland’s now infamous BrewDog brewery chain announced that they will be releasing a new beer just in time for the Olympics!  Never Mind The Anabolics is a 6.5% India Pale Ale infused with creatine, guarana, ginseng, gingo, maca powder, matcha tea and kola nut and is set to debut around 6pm (GMT) on Saturday at all UK and Scotland BrewDog establishments.

According to BeerPulse the release of this beer is an effort to lampoon both Olympic athletes and Olympic sponsorships from companies that promote unhealthy lifestyles like “fast food companies and manufacturers of sugary drinks.”

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Founded in 2006 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, BrewDog has gained a lot of attention over the years.  Self-described as a “post Punk apocalyptic mother fu*ker of a craft brewery”, past offerings include The End of History, a 55% ABV beer formerly known as “the world’s strongest beer”. Only 12 bottles were released and packaged inside stuffed squirrels and stoats.  And last April they released a Viagra-based beer called Arise Prince Willy  just before the Royal Wedding.

BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie (photo courtesy of

You can order the beer online here.



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