Wow. Wow. Wow. Today was infinitely better than yesterday, thanks to the several light, fluffy inches that fell overnight. Yesterday was an amazing way to kick off the unofficial start to the 2011-2012 ski season in Tahoe, but those few extra inches from last night and this morning made all the difference in the world.  Of course it’s incredibly thin, but if you ski in the right spot(s), Alpine was amazing early Thursday, and might hold on for a little bit if the sun stays away.

Heading up the access road a view of the classic M Chutes.

Skinning from the base, the coverage from this storm makes things look a lot more covered than they actually are. Pretty sick for October 6th!

Skintrack stoke with a few turns coming down from Roundhouse.

Off the skintrack, maybe 18 or so inches with this measurement, with 12ish being a more accurate average.

A snowboarder dropped in on my way up, he was completely fired up!

The sun tried to come out a few times, but up towards the top without trees, visibility was super low.

Lower on the mountain visibility got a bit better, especially on my last lap out, where I came across more than a couple of late takers for this early October powder day.

If you can’t really tell from the photo above, the skiing really was literally 10x better today than yesterday. However, keep’em in check. There are more than a few obstacles lurking out there, and there’s no reason to end your season before it actually begins.

A parting shot of a nicely caked Alpine van in the parking lot,

and a shot of Whitewolf on the way out.

Get it while it’s good people. It’s still snowing, but the sun is trying to come out, so the sooner the better. Keep it reasonably mellow when you do head out, and choose where you drop in wisely. Happy Powder Day!!!

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