You gotta love the Sierra Nevada. Barely a dusting had collected by 6 p.m. last night, even at 9000′ feet. All night  it stormed, and with today’s measurable accumulation, there was easily 10-14 inches of fresh on the Crest. The skiing was a little funky, go figure, but all that really needs to be said was on a few memorable pitches, it felt like mid-winter today. The snow barely let up as we were teased by a few brief blue holes, but we didn’t hit much of anything underneath, and in the end October 5th, 2011 will go down as a legit and happy powder day.

The day started off slow thanks to a ripping show at the Mont Bleu Casino last night, but since it snowed all day, there wasn’t much of a rush. The call was to head somewhere close to the Sierra Crest since that’s where the brunt of the storm was supposed to unleash. This time of year that basically means Donner Pass or Carson Pass. The later wins for elevation, and it won today cause that’s where my partner Toby wanted to ski as well.

Heading down the West Shore the tops of Ruby and Hidden looked nice and frosty,

and it was funny to see all the plows in action.

Carson Pass looked pretty buried, but without an extra foot or two it seemed skiing over grass at Kirkwood was the better call.

Breaking trail FELT GOOD. Turns had been harvested in the past few weeks/months, but nothing beats walking up a mountain in a snow storm after a solid absence. 

As I mentioned 10-14″ was the predominant depth we noticed during the day, but there were windblown spots that were way more than knee deep, like this spot where we transitioned for lap two.

The skiing was interesting since we had no base, sugar was the very bottom “layer”, and a thick section of sierra cement lay on top. It was actually the perfect consistency to stay on top and help us avoid hitting anything underneath.  Here’s Toby stoked as can be on the first powder day of the season.

It was good enough to warrant three laps, as well as make sure the zone we were playing in was adequately tagged. 

And it was still hammering late afternoon.

On the ride home there was a cool divided sky that made the view south really look like a scene that more belonged to winter.

Heading back home to the West Shore I had to snap a couple of our great one looking pretty great. Can’t wait for those first turns of the season!


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  1. jdubbs says:

    Awesome! Hopefully another great winter.

  2. gankmore says:

    Beautiful! Very stoked to read this. Way to ski, way to be.

  3. hrindo says:

    damn. dont you guys have jobs

  4. Andre says:

    Nicely done. Hopefully the weather and snow will cooperate for us working stiffs who can’t get there till this weekend.

  5. Miles Clark says:

    Impressive Backcountry Brennan, impressive.

  6. Fargo says:

    I am so jealous. Keep up the good work.

  7. Kevin says:

    Nice Brennan, seems like 8-14″ of good “base” was the ticket today, we can only hope it stays. Made my turns for Oct. this evening, first time i have skiied 12 consecutive months.Many thanks for the stoke and advice this summer. Cheers to you and more snow!

  8. Joey B says:

    Here we go again!

  9. Nick says:

    Ski season is upon us. I’m a little hard right now

  10. Hb says:

    If you look close in picture # 3 there is a honey badger sleeping off a cobra bite. just sayin.

  11. skier666 says:

    Way to slay Toby & friends….not really surprised though :-)

  12. Brennan Lagasse says:

    Thanks for the stoke all. Cheers to a few amazing days to kick off 2011-2012!


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