powder magazine cody townsend august 2011 squaw valleyCody Townsend ripping Squaw Valley in 2011.  photo:  Grant Gunderson

It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s sticky, it’s August, it’s snowless, but, Powder Magazine is coming out with their first issue of the 2011/12 ski season in two weeks on August 16th, 2011.

powder magazine two page fold out august 2011 squaw cody townsendTwo page Powder Cover for August 2011.  photo:  powder magazine’s facebook page

Our Squaw boy Cody Townsend is on the cover representing Tahoe and our epic 2010/11 season. At least, that’s where I’m hoping that photo was taken.  I’m pretty sure it was because I know Grant Gunderson was in Tahoe shooting with Cody this season.  Cody, can you verify where this was taken?  We do know that the cover is a two page fold-out that ends up saying “Perfect Storm” instead of just “Perfect” as you see above.

It appears that the first issue will clearly have the usual buyers guide for skis, boots, and bindings.  71 pages of it.  And, what I think we are all looking forward to more:  Tales from North America’s past winter.  I know Squaw was epic, Jackson was all time, Baker got way too much snow, Whistler was pillowly insanity, Utah never did stop snowing, and even Colorado got a ton of snow. There have got to be some pretty grandiose stories floating around out there but even more than that, I wanna hear the statistics.  Who got how much snow in which storm and how heavy the winds were and last year’s snow totals compared to other years and so on.

We put together one such article on Unofficial that was fun:  2011/12 North American Snow Totals


Mount Baker, WA – 857″

Alpine Meadows, CA – 852″

Squaw Valley, CA – 810”

Snowbird, UT – 783″

Jackson Hole, WY – 557” (as of April 4th, but we know they got a lot after that.  I’m sure they got over 600″)

Vail, CO – 524″

Whistler, B.C. – 490″

Wolf Creek, CO – 465” (They Claim “The Most in CO”)

Stowe, VT – 335″

Telluride, CO – 215” (as of April 8th)


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