Photo of World Traveler and Big Mountain Ski, Lee Lyon.

Now that the first snow of 2011/12 has hit pretty much everywhere in Western North America, it’s time to reflect.  Do you think we’ll see totals like this again this year.  I don’t know why, but I sorta do…

We all know it was an epic year this year in North America. But, how splendiferous was it and where was it most glorious?

We heard about California getting pounded, Colorado have big, late snows, Utah getting a non-stop barrage, Whistler have an pillow-popping season of insanity, but who got the most? Who had the best snow year?  It’s actually very interesting to see the final numbers.

Deep March Powder @ Squaw Valley


Mount Baker, WA – 857″

Alpine Meadows, CA – 852″

Squaw Valley, CA – 810”

Snowbird, UT – 783″

Jackson Hole, WY – 557” (as of April 4th, but we know they got a lot after that.  I’m sure they got over 600″)

Vail, CO – 524″

Whistler, B.C. – 490″

Wolf Creek, CO – 465” (They Claim “The Most in CO”)

Stowe, VT – 335″

Telluride, CO – 215” (as of April 8th)

Video by Squaw Ripper Jon Rockwood.  Skip to the 42 second mark to see Stupid Deep Snow at Squaw from March 20th, 2011

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  1. The athlete is Seth Morrison and photo is from 2009, FYI.

  2. Powder Dragon says:

    Your CO totals are way off. Vail and Breck received over 500″ and I’m pretty sure Telluride got more than 215″??

  3. Steve says:

    Mammoth is reporting 669″

  4. Rob says:

    Whistler received 622″ its on their website.

  5. ta-hoez says:

    heavenly,Sierra..over 750″

  6. mike says:

    ^mountains that don’t matter.

  7. Brian Horton says:

    Telluride got all our snow after the season ended. Made for a pretty fun April/May

  8. el extremo says:

    Vail is claiming 524″ ?

    • Winter Park Native says:

      Wasn’t spaced out very well though. Big chunks of dumps followed by a drought, followed by tourists…..

  9. Warren says:

    Vail def got 550+ and wheres breck at they got 600. The top 3 places get horrible snow

  10. Dirty Bird says:


  11. Zach says:

    Find the typo Miles:

    Photo of World Traveler and Big Mountain Ski, Lee Lyon.

  12. Winter Park Native says:


    Hate to say it bro but ya missed the 388″ from Winter Park Last year.
    And while Vail and others had more snow, we had more consistent days (Monday- Wednesday powder), without the people from Texas tracking out our snow. Weekends were always great to go to Berthoud Pass to stay away from the Denver-ites and Texans. With up to 10 inches coming before Sunday…. I can only say thanks for your storm.

    Pray for Pow,

    Jordan Schwartz

  13. douchebag mcgee says:

    i think you need to start an unofficial baker.
    theres gotta be some dude living in his parents basement in Bellingham that wants to blog about baker all day.///

  14. Hefe says:

    ……..don’t forget us on Vancouver Island, BC. Mount Washington had a record breaking year of 1840cms(724 inches).


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