Unofficial Snowbird

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Snowbird FWT 2014 | Panda Style

Tanner and the other athletes from Panda Poles had a great time during the Freeride World Tour event at Snowbird last month. Sorry I am a little late getting this … Read More

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Wild Wild Wasatch- April Powdays

The final Wild Wild Wasatch Edit of the season from Alex and Max. With the April showers bringing amazing conditions to the Wasatch, we got what we could, while it … Read More

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Cottonwood Canyons | Or Anywhere for that Matter

  Story By: Hannah Follender You’ve seen them. The guys and gals sporting a perfect hitchhiker’s thumb signaling that they’re in need of a lift. These beings sport a variety … Read More

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FWQ Profile | Zac Horrocks | The Man with the lovely Locks

    Zac Horrocks By my calculations Zac finished 14th overall on the Americas side of the FWQ this season. Not bad for a mogul skier from Iceface:) See you … Read More


Big Sky FWQ Stop | Result, Photos, Rundown

  Big Sky, Montana Subaru Freeride Series     All Words and Photos: Diane Harrington Big Sky, Montana was the third and final stop of the Subaru Freeride Series here … Read More

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2nd Annual Twin Peaks Golf Classic

Come one, come all the this years TWIN PEAK CLASSIC! A golf outing with a storied history that stretches all the way back to 2013. Adult beverages are not only … Read More

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The Second 4th Annual Frank World Classic | Alta Spring Shenanigins

Every Spring the the snow starts to melt, the leaves begin to turn green and most of the skiers from Alta make their way down the canyon to find Summer … Read More

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Headwaters Spring Runoff Comp Highlights 2014 | FWQ 4-Star Next Week!

For all you freeriders out there making the the trip to Big Sky, MT later this week to compete in the 4-Star FWQ event here is a little sample of … Read More

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The NW Couloir of the Pfeifferhorn X 2 + The Hypodemic Needle | Wasatch Gems

Last week was the time to get after big lines in the Wasatch. Green avalnache conditions all the way around at all elevations is a rare site and many groups … Read More

Backcountry Skiing

New University of Utah Program Will Explore The Science of Skiing and Snowboarding

Photo by, Tracy J. Anderson The University of Utah will be hosting a new program that will explore the science of skiing and snowboarding. The program called “Physics of Freeride” is geared toward … Read More

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You Wish You Could Ski Like This | Sander Hadley Crushing Alta/Snowbird

Februany “Utah enjoyed one of the stormier months within the past couple of years during February of 2014.” - Sander Hadley Skier: Sander Hadley Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Location: Alta/Snowbird, … Read More

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Wild Wild Wasatch | Superior and Broads Fork

Alex and Max have been turning out great backcountry split-boarding edits all season. Last week they hit up Broads Fork from BCC and Superior from LCC. I was luck enough … Read More

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Alta, UT Yesterday | Sleeper Pow Day | You wish you were there…

Thanks to Nate Fillnow and for the edit. Yesterday was a sleeper day indeed. Those who got it know. Those who didn’t….

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Snap Dragon Couloir | Adventures in the Wasatch

Alex Gavic and his partner Max created this edit to show off the hard work and the payoff you get when you go deeper into the backcountry. Enjoy! A week … Read More

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Color on the Mountain | Panda Poles Mis Season Edit

Tanner and Sander are at it again. Spraying fun all over the mountain at Alta, UT in their colorful new outfits and dope new Panda Poles. I am pretty sure … Read More

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Freeride World Qualifier Athlete Profile | Alex Riedman

Alex Riedman Where did you grow up skiing? Seven Springs, PA near Pittsburgh Where is your home hill now? I ski a lot of backcountry around Crested Butte, as well as … Read More

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Wild Wild Wasatch | A Quick BC Tour Edit

Frequent contributor Alex Gavic and his buddy Maxwell Morrill went out for a scouting tour of the Wasatch recently. The riding is not too gnarly, but the size, scale and … Read More


Snowbird Freeride World Tour Stop | Photo Tour

Snowbird FWT Photo Tour | Photos: Diane Harrington The venue: Silver Fox  

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Watch: Freeride World Tour Winning Run | Snowbird

FWT14 – Lars Chickering-Ayers – Snowbird, UT by FreerideWorldTourTV FWT14 – Lars Chickering-Ayers – Snowbird, UT Lars Chickering-Ayers on Silverfox at the Freeride World Tour 2014 in Snowbird, Utah

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Freeride World Qualifier Profile | Scot Chrisman

Scot Chrisman The Freerider of the day today is Scot Crisman. A Colorado ripper with a big smile, a big heart and a bag full of freeskier tricks Scot is … Read More


Freeride World Tour Stop at Snowbird Today Canceled | Delay due to Avalanche!

The Stoke is High at Snowbird Competition Scheduled for Sunday March 2, 2014 Watch Live @ 1030 am MST on  Delayed!!!! All Words and Photos: Diane Harrington The 4th stop … Read More

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Freeride World Qualifier Profile | Davis Souza

Davis Souza   Where did you grow up skiing? Alpine Meadows, Ca Where is your home hill now? Alpine What is your favorite thing about your home hill? It’s home. … Read More


Freeride World Tour 2014 Snowbird Teaser

Snowbird’s first possible day of competition is scheduled for March 1, 2014 with an open weather window through March 5, 2014. Fans around the world will be able to watch … Read More

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Freeride World Qualifier Profile | Andrew Pollard

 Andrew Pollard The young Alta ripper is all grown up and shredding harder than ever. After seeing AP and some of his buddies ripping around Alta yesterday on one of … Read More

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Freeride World Qualifier Profile | Hazel Birnbaum

Powerhouse Kirkwood skier Hazel Birnbaum has her sights set on the FWT for next year. With a win in South America last summer, a Sickbird Buckle and a 4th at … Read More

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Freeride World Qualifier Profile | Connery Lundin

Connery Lundin has been sending it pretty hard in the Freeride World Qualifier events for the past few seasons. Last weekend he was able to ski and backflip his way … Read More