Arguably the hardest trail at Snowbird Resort in Utah is the Pipeline Couloir. Reached by hiking up from a point on the Road To Provo trail, one little slip can result in catastrophe. In order to ski the rarely open run, you’ll need to sign a waiver with the ski patrol, bring avalanche gear, and ride with a partner.

This past season, Family World Wanderer took on the expert chute and detailed in the video below how challenging the ascent and descent can be. He starts by hiking a steep bootpack route up to the summit of the American Fork Twin Peaks.

After the hike, you put your skis on and get a few turns in. Then comes a climb down the crux, which requires you to watch your step. Someone in the comments did say that the climb down the crux wasn’t required later this past winter due to all the snow, which would make it a bit easier to digest.

Then comes the couloir, which is definitely steep and narrow, but probably the least intimidating part in my opinion. This is admittedly an insane thing to say, as it’s still steep AF. The extra challenge with this chute though is that you’re probably still catching your breath from previous steps, which is enhanced by the high elevation. Obviously, only the most experienced and in-shape skiers and riders should take on the Pipeline Couloir.

Image/Video Credits: Family World Wanderer

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