Flagstaff, Arizona— If we asked you what open ski resort has received the most snowfall in the past 24 hours, you’d probably guess it would be somewhere like Mammoth or Snowbird. Surprisingly, the answer is an underrated ski resort in Arizona.

Over the past 24 hours, the Arizona Snowbowl has received 19 inches of snow. According to Snocountry.com, this is the most snowfall that a ski resort has received in North America over the past day. In addition, they’ve received 25 inches in the past 48 hours, which includes that 19-inch total. This snowfall has brought their season total to 276 inches. Currently, the Snowbowl has thirty trails and four lifts open, including the Arizona Gondola.

Arizona Snowbowl’s closing date is May 5th. They’ll finish daily operations on April 28th and reopen on May 4th for one final weekend. With this new snowfall, though, I wonder if they’ll consider going one more weekend.

Update Sunday 4/28: Arizona Snowbowl received another 5 inches overnight, bringing their storm total to 30″.

Image Credits: Arizona Snowbowl

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