Random Skier Drops 50 Foot Cliff On Corbet's (Watch)

Random Skier Drops 50 Foot Cliff On Corbet's (Watch)

Jackson Hole

Random Skier Drops 50 Foot Cliff On Corbet's (Watch)


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^Me, watching this helmetless skier try something I would never even fathom.

Watching pro skiers doing their thing is fricken rad, but there’s something special about witnessing a random guy or gal send it.

It feel like a special moment in time that you were lucky enough to witness.

Check out the awesome video below of a random skier sending the the skier’s left cliff entrance to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s legendary Corbet’s Couloir.

For context, the drop is at least 50 feet!

That takeoff looked a little sketchy with his rolling down the windows movements, but I wonder if he landed it?

I’m gonna just imagine that he absolutely stomped it and rode the rest of the couloir with the spectators cheering him on.

He could have very easily face planted, tomahawked into oblivion, and ended up in the hospital, but that’s just not as fun of a story in my mind.

Either way, props to him for having the balls to send it.

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