Well before I checked out Salm’s Dream Post, I woke up Wednesday morning and had a precarious, anonymous email in my inbox. Attached was a bunch of photos from what appeared to be a couple of dudes skiing Squaw, and a message reading, “Skied Squaw yesterday, post pics if you want, what were you doing?”

Pretty weird email, pretty weird Salm had some dream that we were skiing  Chute 75 together, and even weirder that I had this email with a few hundred shots of someone actually doing it.

As weird as that is, I figure I might as well share’em. The cover shot looks like a guy walking right past Dead Tree, with a nice looking patch to shred on Headwall in the background. Not sure where this is, but sure looks like a cool waterfall. I assume it’s at Squaw somewhere?

A close up of Headwall,

and out towards Mainline Pocket and Emigrant.

Some more hiking shots of the anonymous heading up snow…kinda looks like somewhere near the Saddle,

towards the Portal,

a shot of some wildflowers,

and a shadow with a cool vista.

Here’s a few of the ski shots that were sent my way,

and one last one clearly showing tracks on Chute 75.

There’s really not that much snow up there, but it’s almost August, and truthfully, Chute 75 looks pretty sweet from what I can tell! Sure wish we could actually head up there. Looks like these guys had some fun. It also looks like they had a nice cruiser hike, and more than 1k of summer turns, on KT! Well, now I feel like I should go ski something-thanks for the motivation anonymous dudes!




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