vannessa aadland skis mount superior naked

girl skied mt. superior naked vannessa aadland

Remember Vanessa?  Oh, yeah, you do, do you? Yep, she’s the beautiful professional skier that skied Mt. Superior Naked and got us all fired up. I mean, how cool do you have to be to pull this stunt off as a girl?  Pretty damn cool, I assure you.

Vanessa just got invited to the World Heli Challenge in New Zealand that will be happening from July 27th – August 11th, 2011.

Only 50 skiers and snowboarders were invited and Vanessa is bad-ass enough (no pun intended) to be on that list. This is an opportunity of a lifetime as well as a fantastic venue for Vannessa to show off her skills on a world wide venue.

vannessa aadland fatypus allota ski

As with most pro skiers, Vanessa works in the summer to afford skiing all winter. As such, she is short of cash in the summer and could use some help getting to the World Heli Challenge. She’s got $16 in the bank right now.  Let’s help her get the $2000 she needs for that entry fee.

vannessa aadland skiing mt. superior naked 2011

Please go to her website and throw her a couple bucks.  Hell, if everyone who checked out her BN post gave her a buck, she’d be way more than set to head to New Zealand.

Send some $$$$ here please:

Check out the original post about her skiing Superior naked:  Vanessa Naked on the Mountain

vannessa aadland skis mt. superior naked 2011 utah

Here is what Vanessa is telling us from here website:

My name is Vanessa Aadland, I’ve been skiing for 20 years and have been skiing professionally for 3. Living the ski life is what makes me happy. It’s not warm, cozy, easy but definitely not boring. I go from working 16 hours, to driving 16, with $16 in the bank. I’ve slept on a array of couches and floors, sold everything, broken most of my bones and lost hero’s and friends. But more importantly, I have traveled the world and met the most beautiful people. People who are genuinely happy becuase they do what they love everyday. People who have so much to give because they live lives of gratitude and love. People who go out of their way to help you and expect nothing in return.

From sacrifices small to big it’s all been worth it becuase I love my life!

I have been invited to attend the World Heli-Challenge. This was a huge honor as only 50 skiers and snowboarders in the whole world compete each year. The entry fee for the competition is $2,000 and with $16 in the bank I am looking to raise the other $$$$. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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