pov american soldiers in afghanistanAmerican soldiers in an active anti-personel land mine zone in Afghanistan.  photo:  new york times video linked below

This video won’t allow us to embed it, so please follow this link:  POV of Our Soldiers in Afghanistan

On Memorial Day Unofficial received some feedback that we needed to get something up to honor our veterans and our warriors. We agreed.  I’ve been working on some posts for that since, until I found this POV video today of American soldiers & sailors in Afghanistan under duress in a mine field.  It sobered me.  I’ve always appreciated what our warriors do for us, but this took that appreciation to a new level. This is very likely small time compared with what these men and women face in combat situations.

I am honored to be an American and it is incredible what our warriors do for us out there. Please watch this and allow the gravity of their daily routine set in.

The Video again:   POV of Our Soldiers in Afghanistan

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