Here is the latest edit from Andrew Whiteford, this time mountain biking in nearby Southeast Utah. The Moab/Southeast Utah area is home to some of the best biking terrain in the country and this video shows why. Can’t wait to see part 2! The following is a description from Andrew’s Vimeo page:

“After a few days in Grand Junction, I headed across Utah looking for some cool terrain that will make for good shooting on future trips. I was solo and able to move along at my own pace, but also needed to keep things turned down below “11” so as to not end up in a bad situation. On this day, I was able to hit up 3 different zones, the first of which is featured in this video. Overall, I was blown away by how rad the terrain is in these parts. It’s going to be great to get back there!

It’s super easy to get to. Right by that greyish sandy dirt hill with minimal vegetation nearby.”

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