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Snowbird will be holding a meeting tonight (May 12th, 2011) in the Cottonwood Room discuss the future expansions that they are hoping for and I for one will be there. It is exciting to think about all the new lines that will come into play with more lift access. Who likes to hike? Not I!  I can’t tell you how stoked I am about the new vision for Snowbird. New terrain and more aggressive openings of our current terrain will keep us on top of the North America freeride world.

I expect to hear some complaints from some of the haters out there. I hope that more people that love to ski than those that love to complain will show up. A heated discussion would be fun to video and share with everyone. Keep your an eye out for the info that will come out of this meeting in the next day or two right here on Unofficial Snowbird.


Read what Save Our Canyons (my least favorite non-profit on the planet) has to say…

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