This weeks gear review REI Water Bottle – Flat Oval Poly Bottle 8 fl oz is from 5th grader and Squaw ripper, Parker Russell.

Finally, a water bottle that can fit in a ski pant pocket! Holding 8 fl. ounces for $2.00. Jumping off huge cliffs is no problem because you cant feel the water bottle. You can also link turns up without duress.

My biggest problem with water bottles is knowing how much water you have left in your bottle or canteen. With the flask being clear, you can see how much water is actually in the bottle. It is far superior to the GNAR deducting Camelback. Also, you don’t have to declare visual GAPERISIM by having a huge lump of what you call a “portable water container,” or more plainly put, water bottle. Once you try a flask of this cheapness and convenience you wont have to be heckled at for being a gaper or getting all wet from the explosion of the water bottle after a big cliff (believe me I’ve done that one). This is truly your best deal.


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