HIghlight of the day? Getting the tram operator to say "Eric Bryant is the best skier on the mountain!". Then some local yelled "Is that guy from Squaw? I'm f$%kin' way better than him!!" Squaw Boys in Jackson Today | Unofficial Networks

Squaw Boys in Jackson Today

Squaw Boys in Jackson Today


Squaw Boys in Jackson Today


miles' tumble

Highlight of the day?  Getting the tram operator to say “Eric Bryant is the best skier on the mountain!”.  Then some local yelled “Is that guy from Squaw?  I’m f$%kin’ way better than him!!”

Also, I loved seeing enormous bomb-holes from 100′ hucks all over the mountain.  We saw evidence of four Ridiculous airs that my brain couldn’t comprehend.

Today, Eric Bryant and I got to ski Jackson Hole for the first time.  I gotta say, I was a bit intimidated by the whole scene.  It didn’t help that our first tram ride of the day dropped us off in dense fog that left my mind reeling at the possibilities of the terrain below us.  Our buddies Andrew Whiteford and Griffin Post told us to head south through the Lower Rock Springs gate and see what we find.  The advice was solid.  After our first lap, the sun came out and we were were able to see exactly what we were getting into and we were stoked.

cody bowl jackson hole

On our second lap, we hiked up to Cody Bowl and skied some fun spines down into a steep techy zone with airs.  I rocked-out straight away and took the scariest tumble of my life.  I stopped 6 feet before the edge of a 25-foot cliff that would have sent me into another 15-footer all while tumbling like a rag doll.  Needless to say, I got a “Welcome to Jackson Hole you California pussy!” from the mountain.  Yeah, it turns out that the Rockies are rocky.  Eric skied the zone perfectly…which pissed me off.  We found a few other zones that offered up some steep skiing, perfect powder, and clean drops below treeline.  Below tree-line, there was some gorgeous powder today.  The snow is just different here and I love it.

miles' tumble at Jackson Hole

Right now I’m about to call my mom, ask her to pack up my things and send them to Jackson, Wyoming.  I’m not coming home Mom, sorry.

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