Dead Episode 8, from PYP

Dead Episode 8, from PYP


Dead Episode 8, from PYP


This video is the eighth installment of the weekly series produced by Progressive Youth Productions (PYP)  . This week PYP delivers a great video that gives you the “BC feel good vibe”. The episode is well edited with great cinematography and includes appropriate music that (this time) is suited for all ages.  Some highlights of the video include Eliel’s huge 360, which I witnessed him try a second time for the Deep Winter Photo Challenge. Also Liam delivers a good crash, and got very lucky and he opted not to try again during Deep Winter. The video is only 3:30 seconds but for some reason (i believe export related) there is an extra four minutes of nothing?

Anyway, watch this video to “remember” what Whistler “was” like. This week we might as well be skiing down the Red Bull Crashed Ice course.


Eliel Hindert
Liam Casey
Nick Mcnutt
James Anderson
Jake Carney

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