This is the best cold weather high altitude stove on the market. This is a dependable stove for snow camping, backpacking, and big expeditions. You can use white gas, kerosene, jet or auto fuel and the boil time is swift across the board. Once you learn the ins and outs of priming, cleaning the fuel line, and how to service/work the burner you’re good to go. Lighting is easy, just make sure you watch the primer flame if it’s close to your cook tent. The XGK burns clean. If you’ve had dirty stoves in the past you’ll notice a huge difference, and it packs away in a fairly compact unit that’s helpful when you have a lot of gear to lug around. 

You must learn how to take the XGK apart and put it back together. The pump can break as the plastic is okay, but not bombproof, and things happen when you’re boiling tons of water and cooking rapidly in the cold. Unless you’re sleeping out somewhere warm and dry, make sure you bring stove plates to stabilize the system. Temperature control is something to watch as most times it seems this stove is either raging all its powerful might or completely off.


If you’re going somewhere cold, somewhere high, or just want a backcountry stove you can count on get the XGK. Its construction is time proven, and peer reviews continue to celebrate its performance in the field. There are other decent stoves on the market, but you’re looking for water and food fast when it’s cold, and the XGK will get the job done,.

Don’t forget to get an MSR fuel bottle of you want have anything to light on fire. I also highly recommend the XGK service kit for big trips or even if you’ll be out of contact for a few days. An MSR XGK stove will run you about $149.95. It weighs 13.2 oz. and its dimensions are  5 x 3.9 x 3.5 inches.

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