GNAR goes off at the Canyon Inn

GNAR goes off at the Canyon Inn


GNAR goes off at the Canyon Inn


The stoke was high last night at the Canyon Inn (see article) last night before, during and after the premier of Gnar The Movie. People were packed and stacked from floor to ceiling and I am pretty sure we were well over the fire code person limit. Skiers from Alta, Snowboarders from Brighton and rippers of all sorts from Snowbird came together to create one of the sickest bro crowds of all time.

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Reactions to the movie were all super positive. Nobody seemed to mind the large amount of man ass and casual BJ humor. If you have not seen the movie yet check back on, it will be available to stream live soon. Big thanks to Gregory, Black Diamond and Sendit for hooking up product for the masses. Please send me any good content you come across:


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