Gear Review: Peet Shoe Dryer

Gear Review: Peet Shoe Dryer


Gear Review: Peet Shoe Dryer


There is not much worse than going to start the day , and sticking your feet in a pair of wet boots.  Not only will that give you cold uncomfortable feet the whole day, but it will also result is some rank boots.  A simple solution to this problem it to put a Peet Shoe Dryer right next to your door.  Just return home from a day of sending it, take your boots off and throw you foot apparel on the perfectly shaped port. Do not forget to plug it in.   Throughout the night, a gentle warm air will flow through your boots.  This is much better for the shape and longevity of your boots than blasting them with heat.  The next morning, there will be a warm dry pair of boots waiting for you.

My recommendation is to splurge for the Multi Peet Shoe Dryer.  This will allow you to add glove ports and enjoy both dry feet and hands.


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