Road Trippin to Revelstoke

Road Trippin to Revelstoke


Road Trippin to Revelstoke


One of the great adventures every warm blooded American is required to go on is the Road Trip.  Skiers are lucky enough to live in the mountain and ski powder all the time,  on top of that we get to do more road tripping than the average citizen. We loaded up a 1994 4Runner with 190,000 miles, a nice new Ford F-150 and Chuck Mumfords dope ass conversion van with gear and hit the road on Sunday evening around 5:00.

After about 7 hours of caravanning north we crashed at the War Bonett Hotel in Butte, MT. Six of us: Scott McBrayer, Vanessa Aadland, Collin Collins, John Hejna, Shana Kayhill and myself slept in the room while Chuck Mumford held it down in the Folsom Custom van.

We shoved off at 8:00 am and after some antics that included 2 hours of being stuck in Spokane, WA, the worst place ever, and another 2 hours stuck at the border getting body cavity searched at the Canadian border, we actually made it to Revelstoke at around 2:00 am. It was a tough day on the road considering I was sick as hell, but it was all worth it to make it here. We even got to ride on a sweet ferry in the pitch black at around midnight.

Keep checking back for daily reports from Revelstoke!

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