Norwegian "Woodnest" treehouse for rent.
Norwegian "Woodnest" treehouse for rent.

Covered with 18,000 wooden shingles designed to seamlessly blend into the gorgeous surrounding nature of the Norwegian woods, these “Woodnests” units are coziness personified. Let me paint a picture, go for a hike around the staggeringly beautiful Hardanger Fjord and then come back to your little living pod in a tree, draw a bath in the handcrafted wooden bathtub, take in the vistas with a warm beverage and when its time to tuck in for the night just hit a button and the bed lowers from the ceiling. Booking start at around $300 USD and it seems like it would be well worth the memories. Really cool design, bravo to the architect.

Looking for a romantic weekend escape or a small group adventure? Woodnest is the perfect getaway for you! At Woodnest, there are four treehouses on our property; two Originals each having a 4 person capacity where you will find two double beds, and two Mountaintops each having a 2 person capacity. The treehouses are situated in the Norwegian woods overlooking the Hardanger fjord, in a beautiful town called Odda.

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