Eden, Utah — Nordic Valley had a brutal 2023-24 ski season. In December 2023, they announced that Apollo, their core chairlift out of the base area, would not operate that winter. Around a month later, their rustic base lodge burned down. Since then, the resilient crew at Nordic Valley has been picking up the pieces.

This week, KSL.com caught up with Pascal Begin, the General Manager of Nordic Valley Ski Resort. Despite the hurdles thrown at them, Begin described it as a successful season for the Utah ski resort due to the resiliency of his employees and support from guests. Now, work is underway to repair the Apollo chairlift and figure out the lodge configurations for the next season.

Work on a new lodge is expected to begin in either 2026 or 2027. The plans for the new base lodge, along with an opening date, have yet to be finalized. According to Begin, the reason why they aren’t providing more details about the lodge is that they’re still finalizing the plan:

“At this point in time, a lot of ‘base area’ details still need to be ironed out before publicly advertising them. Our main efforts currently are happening on the mountain. Getting our chairlift Apollo spinning in December is our priority No. 1 and our main summer capital project.” 

In the meantime, they will use temporary structures for various services. According to KSL.com, these could include “yurts, trailers or all-weather fabric Sprung structures.These structures will cover their ticketing, food, and rentals.

It should be noted that a base village is planned for Nordic Valley’s base area. The planned village was approved in December 2022, but a timeline for the development has not been announced. As part of the redevelopment, a replica of the old barn is planned.

This offseason’s primary for Nordic Valley is the restoration of the Apollo chairlift. Pascal Begin described the scope of the restoration to KSL.com:

“We are going through not just a repair of the chairlift, of what was not working, but a complete overhaul of the chairlift and analysis of every component. Things are going great so far, and work is expected to be completed early this fall.” 

Nordic Valley’s latest social media update showed the Apollo chairlift spinning for the first time in over a year.

With this progress, Nordic Valley believes that work on Apollo will be completed by this fall, and it will be operational for the 2024-25 season.

Image Credits: Weber Fire District (Featured Image), Nordic Valley Ski Resort, Nordic Valley Village

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