Eden, Utah — For the entirety of this past ski season, Nordic Valley was without its core chairlift.

The Apollo chairlift was shuttered during the 2023-24 ski season due to extensive issues discovered while making initial repairs needed from the 2022-23 season. While the guests could reach the higher-up Nordic Express chairlift via a pair of Alpina sleds, they were unhappy with the situation. To make matters worse, Nordic Valley dealt with a devastating base lodge fire, leaving them to rely mostly on temporary trailer facilities for the rest of the winter. Ultimately, Nordic Valley is relieved this past season is behind them, and they can now focus on rebuilding.

For the Apollo chairlift, the refurbishment project is well underway. A group of Hall lift experts arrived at Nordic Valley in the middle of May, starting a top-to-bottom overhaul of the chairlift. This week, General Manager Pascal Begin stated that the team has made “significant progress” on renovating the chairlift. Their current work includes the major replacement of parts at the bottom terminal of the chairlift.

With this news, it sounds likely Apollo will be operating next season and that Nordic Valley will be in a better place with its lift infrastructure compared to last year.

Image Credits: Nordic Valley Ski Resort

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