Snowfall at Ski Portillo and La Prava in Chile.

CHILE – Chilean ski resorts woke up covered in snow this morning, with a large storm dumping huge snowfalls onto the mountains. According to La Prava’s social media, they’ve seen over 160cm of accumulation at the base of the mountain, or just over 5 feet.

Something that hadn’t been seen in years. This is how La Parva dawns today Friday June 14th with more than 160 cm accumulated at the base. Today we are operating with the walkers Parva Chica, Manzanito, Paloma and Bear.” – La Prava

Valle Nevado is reporting 139cm (~4.5 feet) of snowfall in the past 24 hours and a whopping 155cm (~5.1 feet) over the past 48 hours. The season snowfall total has reached 336cm (over 11 feet). Their Instagram team shared a before and after of the storm yesterday.

The magical before and after of Snow Valley…” – La Pravaa

Ski Portillo, meanwhile, has seen 113 cm (~3.7 feet) of snowfall in the past 24 hours, bringing their season total to 313 cm (~10.2 feet). It’s shaping up to be a deep season for Chile and South America!

It just won’t stop snowing in the Andes! We are expecting several feet of snow through the weekend and taking predictions… How much do you think we’ll get?

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