Tourists discovered that the Yuntai Waterfall is assisted by a pipe.

YUNTAI MOUNTAIN PARK, China – Imagine visiting a famous natural landscape just to find out that it’s fake. You’d be pretty pissed, right? In some way, that’s what happened at the Yuntai Waterfall in China’s Yuntai Mountain Park.

When Yuntai Waterfall is flowing strong, it’s truly stunning. But it’s flow might be a little less real than most thought. A video originally posted to Chinese social media showed what appears to be a pipe supplying water to the fall.

According to CNN, management at Yuntai Mountain Park did admit to the pipe’s existence, explaining how it was installed to help the waterfall during the dry season. Management also promised that the coming months would bring the waterfall back to its natural form.

Some on the Chinese platform Weibo were defending the pipe and the park’s response, claiming that the source of the water doesn’t matter. Others, of course, were shocked by the revelation.

What do you think? Would you be fine knowing a gorgeous waterfall is supplied by a pipe? Or would that ruin the experience altogether? Not every natural beauty needs to be year round. I say off seasons for famous natural sights are a lot more acceptable than altering the location to make it year round..

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