A car left in the middle of a busy Yosemite road.

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, California – There are plenty of places to park in Yosemite. From scenic pull offs to parking lots, if you need to drive around, you should be able to find a place to park. It might take a minute, especially during the busier days, but that doesn’t mean you should just park wherever you want.


Caused a big traffic jam for idk what

♬ original sound – Connor Scalbom

Creator Connor Scalbom shared this clip of a duo parked in the middle of a busy Yosemite road. How these people came to decide that parking in the middle of the road was okay is beyond me. Selfishness? Stupidity? Emergency? We may never know. But it is incredibly annoying.

Traffic can be a serious problem in Yosemite. Traffic can be a serious problem anywhere! Don’t be the a**hole who causes it by being an idiot!

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