The Himalayas — Imagine that you just summited Mt. Everest. The hard work that this jaunt requires, both physically and mentally, has led you to the highest peak on the planet. You take some photos and briefly enjoy the view. What happens next?

Massachusetts native Ryan Mitchell began training in earnest for the climb in 2023. While vastly different, Mithcell prepared for the journey by going up and down Wa A-Wha Wachusett Mountain multiple times over a twelve-hour span while carrying a 35-pound backpack. For his journey, he has posted vlogs on his YouTube channel. According to NBC 10 Boston, it took Mitchell 42 days to summit Everest. Ryan’s video of summiting Everest can be watched here.

This week, Ryan released a video detailing the descent from the summit. The descent has its fair share of challenging moments, including many jaw-dropping spots where you can definitely die. Near the summit, there are portions where climbers going up and down have to squeeze by each other. Ryan actually said that the decline from Everest to Camp 4 was more challenging than that segment on the way up, partially due to fatigue.

For more videos of the experience, check out his YouTube channel. In addition, consider donating to the Juniper Fund, which assists the Sherpas.

Image/Video Credits: Ryan Mitchell

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