On day 40 of the Mount Everest climb, the team prepares to push for the summit with
Ryan Mitchell recording the journey from Camp 4 to the summit. They began their journey at midnight, leaving Camp 4 around 1 AM. As they ascend a moderate slope, they make their way toward the balcony.

The weather is favorable—calm and not too cold. The climbers are now on fixed lines, secured with their ascenders and safety carabiners to prevent falls. With ample oxygen, they maintain a steady progress.

Upon reaching the balcony, a critical rest stop, the sun rises, offering a stunning view. Ahead looms the South Summit, and beyond it, the true summit. The team navigates technical rock sections, following footsteps from previous climbers.

Passing fellow climbers, they ascend the steep southeast ridge. At the South Summit, they face a line of tired climbers but manage to maneuver around them. Finally, they see the Hillary Step and the summit itself.

Despite some left-behind items, reaching the summit is an emotional and fulfilling experience. They don’t linger long, but it is a moment of triumph.

The descent proves challenging, requiring careful navigation, especially on the Hillary Step. Exhausted but successful, the team heads down, reflecting on this incredible journey. Stay tuned for more updates!

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