California — The past two winters have brought much-needed water to The Golden State. There was the historic 2022-23 winter, which resulted in many ski resorts seeing record snowfall. While the 2023-24 winter wasn’t as wet, some deep snowstorms continued to grow the reservoirs and lake’s water depths.

For example, Big Bear Lake’s water depth was below 55 feet in December 2022. Thanks to the 2022-23 winter, it grew ten feet by December 2023, and it’s now 15 feet above that December 2022 depth.

This is demonstrated by a great video created by the Orange County Register. The video showcases a before-and-after photo compilation made by Jeff Gritchen that demonstrates how Big Bear Lake looks now compared to 2022. It’s depressing to see how low it got, but also very exciting to see how much it has grown. Nature is healing… I hope.

Image/Video Credits: Jeff Gritchen/Orange County Register/SCNG

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