A grizzly bear in Katmai National Park

KATMAI NATIONAL PARK, Alaska – These hikers had a pretty close-up encounter with a grizzly in Katmai National Park, doing well to get off the trail and give the animal plenty of space.

Bears are pretty used to people in Katmai National Park, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe being anywhere near them. While hiking in grizzly territory, people should take several steps to avoid encounters like this in the first place.

These steps include hiking in groups, staying alert, making plenty of noise, steering clear of places known to attract bears, and never approaching bears. If a close encounter like this does ever happen to you, though, you should be cautious not to startle the animal. Identifying yourself as a person by talking to the grizzly and waving your arms over your head. DO NOT RUN, back away slowly and give the animal as much space as you can.

More information on grizzly safety in Katmai National Park can be found here. Preparation for any trip in grizzly country should include understanding bear behavior and safety.

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