Grizzly goes after a black bear.

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Montana – The idea of a bear eating another bear is not a pleasant one, but grizzly bears will eat whatever they need to eat, including other grizzlies on some occasions. Where black bears and grizzly bears share a habitat, grizzlies eating black bears isn’t unheard of. Fortunately this black bear was able to climb its way to safety.

Normally agreeable when food is abundant, grizzly and black bears run into one another more often when food is scarce—like early summer.

While grizzly bears are larger and typically stronger than black bears, this black bear displays its powerful exit strategy: climbing!

The short, sharp claws of the black bear are ideal for tree climbing. The grizzly’s longer, duller claws are great for digging, but poor for climbing—especially because an adult grizzly is substantially heavier than a black bear.

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