Grizzly Bear Chases Mountain Goat Through Crowded Trail @ Glacier National Park
Grizzly Bear Chases Mountain Goat Through Crowded Trail @ Glacier National Park

Chaotic scene from the Hidden Lake Trail inside Glacier National Park featuring a grizzly, a goat, and a pack of freaked out hikers. As you can see in the video, the bear was in hot pursuit of a mountain goat and its trajectory took it straight through a crowded hiking trail. The hikers saw it coming and made a ton of commotion to scare the bear away but generally remained calm in such close proximity to the apex predator. Absolutely wild thing to witness while out for a hike:

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This bear had been filmed a week prior chasing goats. A friend and I were at the outlook on this popular trail and our 3rd friend had taken the longer hike down to the lake. We heard a whistle and immediately knew there was a bear sighting. This guy was walking below the fenced outlook area, then started to go up the hill away from people.

We started to go back down the trail and realized that the bear had come back around and was walking parallel to the trail. All of a sudden he came charging at us! We weren’t really sure where to go but almost started running but we got huddled in a group of about 6 people. 1 had bear spray so a guy took it and was ready. Then the bear suddenly ran to our right and up through us and another group of people.

We had our phones out from previously – believe me, I’ve gotten a lot of shit for recording. But then you wouldn’t see this insane footage!”

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