Ski Portillo in Chile. Credit: Ski Portillo Chile via Facebook

It may be hot and sunny in the United States, but it’s about to be dumping snow in South America. Several resorts in Chile have already started their season, getting things going early with the help of some major snow, and if this incoming storm lives up to its potential hype things could be looking even better than before.

The Valle Nevado livestream might look not-so-snowfilled now (if you’re looking right after this is published), but check back in several hours and it could look extremely different. is predicted about an inch of snowfall at Valle Nevado for the rest of Wednesday evening, but Thursday and Friday are when things get exciting.

Thursday, June 13 could bring a remarkable 47 inches of snow to Valle Nevado alone, and another 14″ could land on Friday. In total with tonight’s snow, the Chilean resort is looking at a massive 62″ (just over 5 feet) of snowfall.

Meanwhile things are looking a little less dramatic at Chile’s Ski Portillo, but it’s still looking good. Like Valle Nevado, is predicting just an inch of snowfall tonight, but tomorrow, June 13, is predicted to bring a healthy 30″, while Friday could bring another 10″. Altogether, Ski Portillo is looking to see 41″ potentially fall throughout the next three days.

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