Palisades Pond Skim '24
Palisades Pond Skim '24

“The community was out in full force, the costumes were electric, and the sends into the pond were heroic from all comers. It was a competitive battle this year, with folks camping out to get their spot and even rumors of someone paying $900 to earn the right to skim!”out to get their spot and even rumors of someone paying $900 to earn the right to skim!”

Cheers to the folks from for this outstanding coverage of the annual Cushing Crossing Pond Skim at Palisades Tahoe. Really appreciate Danny Dials tossing on a suit and tie and delivering the play by play of the world’s premier pond skim event. Well done!

The Cushing Crossing Rules:

  • Space is limited.
  • Costumes required and scores are heavily weighted to creativity of costume.
  • Registrant must be 18 or older and must be present to register (no one can register on behalf of any competitor).
  • This is a family friendly event. If your costume is inappropriate you will not be allowed in the start area.
  • Please bring your own life vest if you have one but if not, we will have loaners available.
  • If your entry includes more than one person, both people must be affixed to the same apparatus.
  • No pyrotechnics please.
  • For the open category, your apparatus must have the ability to turn and stop.
  • Male and female winners will be awarded in each category but only applicable to completed crossings (i.e. If you do not cross the pond you are not eligible for prizing if there are limited competitors in your category.)

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