YouTuber MyOutdoorLife argues that Gore-Tex may be a scam.

These days, Gore-Tex is a staple of outdoor clothing. The breathable yet waterproof material can be found on jackets, pants, and other gear in so many different sports, from so many different companies.

But does it really do what it claims to do? Or is it just a massive scam? YouTuber MyLifeOutdoors put together several tests in an effort to answer that question and argue his point.

So essentially his claim is that Gore-Tex is a scam because it can’t act as waterproof and breathable at the same time. Because the breathability is limited when it’s raining, and because sweat won’t evaporate when it’s humid (aka when it’s raining), there’s no point in getting a jacket with the material.

I do see what he’s getting at, but I don’t think Gore-Tex is a scam, per say. Especially when we’re looking at ski gear, I see the material as being hugely helpful, keeping snow out while still allowing breathability in the cold, dry air.

That said, a basic waterproof raincoat with some pit-zippers for breathability would probably do just as well as Gore-Tex in plenty of situations. So think long and hard if you’re looking into a new jacket.

Ideally, Gore-Tex allows sweat to evaporate from the body while keeping water out.

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