Teton Village, Wyoming— If the Teton County Coroner’s announcement is any indication, a skier collision on Jackson Hole’s closing day could result in criminal charges.

Jackson Hole News & Guide reports that Brent Blue, who’s the Teton County Coroner, determined the death of a Jackson Hole ski instructor to be a homicide. However, the key thing to note is that this does not mean the Teton County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) or the County Attorney will press charges against the skier responsible. The TSCO is currently investigating the incident.

The collision occurred on the Rendevous trail on April 14th at around 10 a.m. Ski patrol reports determined that the skier, who was above Wuerslin, made an unexpected turn and failed to swerve around him, resulting in the collision. In addition, Jackson Hole said that while the ski instructor, who was not working that day, was wearing a helmet, the skier who collided with him wasn’t. The ski instructor suffered an intracranial hemorrhage and was taken to the hospital. He remained on life support before passing away on April 17th.

The ski instructor has been identified as Peter Wuerslin. Originally from New York, he eventually moved to Jackson in 1975. Wuerslin was an avid biker, going on a few long-distance trips with friends over the years. Over one six-year bike trip, Wuserlin and a few friends biked 45,000 miles across the planet. Wuerslin was a part-time ski instructor at Jackson Hole starting in 1978 and continued working there following his bike trips until 2024. I recommend reading this obituary from Jackson Hole News & Guide for more information about this legend.

The skier who crashed into him wasn’t aware of the severity of the injuries sustained and, before the instructor’s death, was reportedly devastated” after hearing about his severe injuries. He went to the hospital following the collision but returned home to recover. The identity of the 34-year-old skier who crashed into Wuserlin has not been announced.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort president Mary Kate Buckley issued the following statement to Ski Area Management:

“We require our guests to always ski in control, and we remain focused on promoting awareness of the need for safe skiing and riding. All of us at JHMR are deeply saddened by the incident.”

If you know anything about the incident, please contact Detective Bret Bommer at 307-733-4052.

Image Credits: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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