BAXTER STATE PARK, Maine – If you live in New England, you almost definitely know what Mount Katahdin is. At 5,270 feet, the tallest mountain in the state of Maine is both a staple for hikers throughout the area and marks the northern boundary of the Appalachian Trail. You don’t hear of people skiing it all that often, though.

Let’s be very clear, skiing Katahdin is not a walk in the park. Please don’t watch this video and immediately think “I could do that”. There is a real danger of avalanches on the mountain and there is some seriously risky terrain. Make sure you have the proper experience and training before you attempt something like this.

New England skier and trail runner Andrew Drummond took on the Chimney Couloir on Mount Katahdin this winter, showing off a few of the possible lines on New England’s second tallest peak.

Honestly, the snow looks a lot better than I would have expected. There’s still your typical New England wind-blown ice sheets, but there’s some decent fluffy stuff as well. Pretty sweet stuff!

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Image Credit: Andrew Drummond via YouTube

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