Jackson Hole, Wyoming- While Corbet’s Couloir gets all the headlines, S & S Couloir is probably the hardest trail at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Unlike Corbet’s, there’s no snowy entrance into the couloir, so you either need to jump in or take a long wall ride that’ll probably put your skis on life support. Because of this, not many people have the guts to take this one on.

However, seventeen-year-old Jack Kilmain has taken on S&S Couloir numerous times. In 2023, Jack Kilmain and his father, Bob Kilmain, skied S&S Couloir. They were the first father-son duo to complete this chute successfully. Although not formally confirmed, Jack and his buddy Nate Pruzan may have been the youngest people ever to ski S&S Couloir. BuckRail did a great piece on their accomplishment, which is worth the read.

Last week, Jack Kilmain once again skied S&S Couloir. The wall ride definitely dinged up those skis, but he still completed it with ease.

I’d argue his most impressive send of S&S Couloir was a top-to-bottom lap he recently did during a powder day. Taking on the Couloir is more difficult in low-visibility situations, which makes this send more gutsy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he participated in the Kings & Queens of Corbet’s competition in the next few years.

Image/Video Credits: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Jack Kilmain

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