Jackson Hole, Wyoming- Ski Instructor Marius Quast has made a name for himself on YouTube for his daring descents of pistes in Europe. Now, he’s taken on one of the most challenging trails in America.

In his latest video, Marius tackled Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole. Long regarded as one of the most demanding trails in the country, it requires 10% luck and 20% skill to complete without a substantial injury. Marius side slipped for most of the entry, had a close call with a failed jump turn, and then completed another jump turn to get through the most challenging part. The rest of the run went pretty smoothly in some chalky conditions.

It’s not the most daring descent we’ve seen, but it gives you an idea of tackling it if you aren’t an extreme skier. No word on if he took on probably the toughest trail at Jackson Hole: S & S Couloir.

The video below is in German but does come with English captions.

Image/Video Credits: Marius Quast

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