Austria- One of the toughest ski trails in Europe is Gamsleiten 2 at Obertauern, Austria. The run has a length of 1300 meters (4265 feet), an altitude difference of 362 m (around 1188 feet), and its steepest gradient is 100%. With its highest point being 2,313 meters (around 7589 feet), there are also some remarkable views of the surrounding mountains.

In this video by Marius Quast, he takes on Gamsleiten 2. He explains what makes the slope so tricky, how to conquer it, and the chicken exits you can take if you aren’t up to it. While it’s steep, I feel like a good portion of the hardcore skiing community would be confident in skiing this run under ideal conditions. If you fall though, you’re gonna have a bad time.

The video from Marius Quast is below. He uses German in the video, but there are English captions.

Image/Video Credits: Marius Quast

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