Eden, Utah- No operating ski resort in the United States has had a rougher season than Nordic Valley. Apollo, the main chairlift out of the base area, has been shut down for the whole season due to mechanical issues. In January, they lost their base lodge to a fire. Nordic Valley has been able to remain open, but it has seen better days.

Last weekend, Nordic Valley announced the fate of Apollo. Earlier this winter, Nordic Valley told the Salt Lake Tribune that it would announce whether to replace or renovate Apollo in March. On Saturday, Nordic Valley General Manager Pascal Begin announced that they will renovate Apollo rather than replace it. The reasoning is that they want to continue to keep skiing affordable for those who live around the ski resort, and Nordic Valley wants to keep it that way. I think a new chairlift would’ve cost much more than this renovation. Over the offseason, Nordic Valley will work with several Hall lift experts to complete Apollo’s top-to-bottom overhaul.

While renovating the chairlift rather than replacing it may be a bit of a head-scratcher, Nordic Valley is dealing with a significant issue right now: they have no base lodge. This is likely a top priority for them in the coming years so that they can continue to grow, which could eventually include a base village.

Ultimately, I believe Nordic Valley knows it has a growing market of Ogden skiers and riders who want to shred at an affordable mountain, which is harder to find near and far from them in the state.

Image/Video Credits: Nordic Valley Ski Resort

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