Gladstone, Michigan- The Midwest has had a rough winter. Warm temperatures and a lack of snow have left ski areas reeling for the past couple of months. In Michigan, one ski hill decided to already pull the plug on this ski season.

This week, Gladstone Ski Hill announced that they are closing for the season due to “unfortunate weather circumstances.” The Michigan ski hill opened for the season on January 19th, but this was a delayed opening due to warm temperatures. After a brief operating schedule, the ski hill closed on January 25th and has been closed since then. Those who purchased season passes for this winter will be able to use the same one for next winter for no extra cost. Gift certificates bought for the 2023-24 season can also be used next season.

This news follows the announcement by the Como Park Ski Center, where they proclaimed that they’re closed for the season due to warm temperatures.

Compared to other ski areas in Michigan, it’s among the smaller ones, so Gladstone closing for the season isn’t a big surprise based on the circumstances.

Ski Hill Stats

Trails: Several beginner and intermediate trails, plus a terrain park

Lifts: 5

Snowmaking: Yes

Location: Gladstone, Michigan

Image Credits: City of Gladstone

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