First and foremost just need to say that leaving dog food outdoors in bear country is basically inviting this type of encounter to happen. With that said this Great Pyrenees named Louie who is a works as a livestock guardian dog on a farm in Eagle Nest, New Mexico lived up to the breed’s reputation for protecting against predators. Louie took the black bear’s lunge in stride and she stood her ground barking until the bear tucked tail and ran away. It worked out in the end but there’s bears in your neighborhood, keep the dog food indoors.

About The Great Pyrenees:

The Great Pyrenees, a majestic and powerful breed known for its remarkable guarding instincts and stunning appearance, has a rich history dating back centuries. Originating in the Pyrenees Mountains, which form a natural border between France and Spain, these dogs were initially bred by shepherds to protect their flocks from predators in the harsh mountain terrain.

The breed’s ancestry can be traced back to ancient times when they were possibly crossed with Mastiffs and other large working dogs. These canines quickly gained a reputation for their unwavering dedication and loyalty to their human companions.

In the 17th century, the Great Pyrenees caught the eye of French nobility, and they were favored as royal guard dogs and companions. They became known as the “Dog of the Mountains” or the “Gentle Giant of the Pyrenees.”

During the French Revolution, their numbers dwindled as the nobility faced persecution, but dedicated breed enthusiasts ensured their survival. In the late 19th century, efforts to standardize the breed’s appearance and temperament began in earnest.

Today, Great Pyrenees dogs are cherished as family pets and continue their tradition as exceptional livestock guardians. Their striking white coats, intelligent demeanor, and protective nature make them a popular choice for those seeking both a loving companion and a vigilant protector. The breed’s deep history and enduring popularity serve as a testament to their enduring appeal and enduring role in the hearts and homes of dog lovers worldwide.