Incredible Footage Shows Bear & Wolf Working Together To Take Down Moose

What’s gonna work? Teamwork!

It’s not often that you get a solid clip of multiple predators working together to take down prey. It’s even less often that you get a solid clip of two different types of predators working together to take down prey, but that certainly seems to be what’s going on in this clip from ADF&G Southeast Alaska.

Ignoring the way these two are working together for just a second, it’s pretty crazy just to see how the bear and wolf manage to remain invisible in the eyes of the prey until the very last moment. Beyond that, it’s just crazy to see these two work together.

Prey and predators collide in this trail camera clip captured by remote camera near Gustavus in Glacier Bay National Park during an ADF&G wolf predation study. Witness the intense moment when prey and predators come face-to-face in this clip!” – ADF&G Southeast Alaska

Acceding to the International Wolf Center, it’s not unheard of to see these two together. Typically, though, it seems that grizzly bears will follow a wolf pack knowing that there may be food at the end of the path. The bears typically scare off the wolves once a carcass is discovered, taking it for themselves.

This clip is a bit different. The bear does the main attack and the wolf goes after the calf. It almost feels like they preplanned this together. Schemed it up before the moose showed up. That’s probably not the case, unfortunately. It is a pretty unsettling idea that a bear and wolf could be working together out there. It certainly wouldn’t bode well for hikers and hunters.

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